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Soulo prove there's nothing wrong with treading a familiar musical path if you're able to make genuinely good music. Eschewing shtick, gimmickry, and computer trickery, Soulo makes some of the most upbeat post-rock ever through a mix of subtle drum machines, analog synths, and traditional bass, guitar, and drums. The influences are all there -- Brian Eno, Tortoise, Air -- and while good taste does not always a good band make, Soulo has learned from those who came before and managed to build on their efforts.

One of Soulo's many exceptional qualities is their ability to keep things short and to the point. While many other post-rock groups seem to think a song can't develop in less than eight minutes, Soulo disproves that theory by burning through nine tracks in 28 minutes on their self-titled debut. Each song is a cohesive work unto itself, as evidenced by the three featured here.

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