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Raised on a diet of hardcore and techno, it wasn't until Alex Dean relocated to England's free party mecca of Nottingham that he was bitten by the deep house bug. At that time (around '93), free party sound systems owned by DiY, Smokescreen, and Go Tropo were set up in warehouses, on commons, and in the countryside almost every weekend. The ensuing parties are part of England's house music folklore. Dean was there for it all, and he was permanently affected.

In the mid '90s, Dean took up DJing, and began promoting his own club night in Nottingham. In '97, no longer content to play other people's tunes, he set up his own studio (next door to Toka Project's no less). Indeed, his first release was for Drop, and more followed for Bosh, Eukahouse, Surreal, Get Groovy, Special Needs, and Seattle's explosive Viva imprint. Recording as Souldoubt, Dean is now focused on his own label, Freaked, for which he has a slew of releases in the pipeline. "Open Up," "Chilldoubt," and "Shufflers Groove" are taken from the Times Like These EP released on Viva. While "Open Up" uses sax to the max, "Chilldoubt" uses spine-tingling female vocals along with frosty synths. "Shufflers Groove" completes the package with low-slung bass and funky syncopated beats.

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