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Soul Assassins

Soul Assassins founder DJ Muggs is more the just a dope producer/innovator. The current state of hip hop music and culture has his dirty fingerprints all over it. Starting in the late '80s, as the DJ and co-producer of 7A3, he helped guide Los Angeles hip hop into realms beyond gangsta rap. But how many remember 7A3? Muggs has, undoubtedly, made his biggest impact as the producer of Cypress Hill. His brand of "dusted funk," paired with high/low attack of MCs B-Real and Sen Dog, not only started a new chapter in West Coast rap, but also continues to influence production styles in hip hop and downtempo across the globe. The ill, behind-the-boards style of the Wu-Tang Clan's Rza was built on the foundation that Muggs laid down. Hip hop, as a whole, is still exhaling the persistent weed fetish it received from Cypress Hill's first album, and the smoke shows no signs of clearing anytime soon.

Muggs' sampling of Black Sabbath and other heavy metal bands, as well as Cypress' tour with the Rollins Band, and collaborations with Sonic Youth and Pearl Jam on the Judgement Night soundtrack album, helped bring about the current Top 40 hip hop/rock amalgam.

Muggs continues to contribute to hip hop by helping cultivate the talents of a new crop of producers and rappers. As the mastermind behind the Soul Assassins, he has recorded two classic rap albums which feature the vocal talents of both established MCs like the Wu-Tang Clan's mighty GZA, and up-and-comers like the Infamous Mobb. Over a decade into the game, Muggs still has his fingers on hip hop's pulse as he strives to take it to the next level.

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