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Soma Sonic

Soma Sonic are Canadian producers, songwriters, and brothers Francois and Dominic Paterson, who also use the production aliases France and Dom. Dom and his partner Todd Nickolas (aka Onaisa) together comprised the techno-trance crossover outfit ADSR (Cargo Records). Between '93 and '95 ADSR released two albums -- Accelerated Emotions and Primary -- and numerous singles, including the hugely successful Obsession EP. France, on the other hand, came from the world of fashion, but always had an overriding passion to be a music producer.

While France and Dom have made music together intermittently since their early teens, it wasn't until '97 that they had the opportunity to work together on an entire project from beginning to end. The result was Soma Sonic. Soma Sonic's music melds brooding downtempo electronic grooves with live vocals (from Katalin Kiss on "Falling" and "Future", and Amanda Weiss on "Crazy Moon") and instrumentation to produce an ethereal melange that capably bridges the worlds of jazz, ambient, techno, dub and hip hop. If you kidnapped Moloko and Portishead and send them to a tiny village in Canada for a week, this is what they would come up with.

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