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Social Deviantz

Social Deviantz is a Vancouver-based hip hop trio that first formed in 1992, right around the time Sugarshack became an offical label, essentially to create a hip hop sound they felt was missing somehow. The artists have spent the last several years exploring the various branches of hip hop, following a guiding principle best summed up as "speak what you would like to hear!" Social Deviantz is composed of Fatbone, A-Train, and Junya, who are of Jamaican, Egyptian, and Caucasian descent respectively. Their multicultural foundation gives Social Deviantz a unique perspective that informs their music, giving it depth, meaning, and a wellspring of creativity.

This crew works with other talented people to great effect. On Minimal, the Social Deviantz team up with Canadian DMC champ DJ Wax for the smokin' track "Lucky 5." Listen to the way the tight cuts and scratches play against lyrics as Wax and the Deviantz provide a duet that is almost a duel. Guest rapper Shorty Reck drops in fluidly and smoothly with great, lively lyrical delivery for the title track, "Minimal," bringing in a nice collaborative edge that meshes well with the Social Deviantz sound.

Junya's musical constructions are a truly remarkable component of the music: he uses records as raw sonic materials, then reshapes and recontextualizes them into something new. The beats have a somewhat raw nature, while other elements like guitar licks, basslines, and keys smooth things out while the lyrics take on issues both personal and universal. Overall the sound is vibrant and buzzing with true hip hop energy.

The old Deviantz album is Essential Mental Nutrients, released in limited edition back in 1996. The new Deviantz album is called bleaky deky.