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Snuff formed in Northern England in 1986 as a response to the drivel its members were hearing on BBC radio. After concluding that all the music around them sucked and that they could and should do better, all they needed was a name. So they sat around drinking beers trying to think of one, until the bassist-to-be got bored and slurred, "That's enough." And so Snuff was born.

Immediately the band commenced cranking out some of the biggest, most fun pop-punk you've ever heard (long before the pop-punk "revolution" that hit the charts in the '90s). With a surnameless original lineup consisting of guitarist Simon, bassist Andy, and drummer Duncan, the band shot around the U.K. for a few years playing their own colorful, intensely catchy variety of punk rock. They became notorious in 1989 after the release of their first record Snuff Said?, featuring a thrash cover of "Purple Haze." After mounting a world tour to support that album, they recorded 1992's Reach, featuring "Smile (That's Fine)," which got picked up in the U.S. by K Records. It's a record full of comic, hi-octane intensity, dominated by guitars that chug through song after song with the power and velocity of a freight train in the process of derailing. Since the release of Reach, Snuff has broken up and reformed at least once and endured numerous lineup changes, but the band is still going strong, and recently put out a new record called Numb Nuts on the U.K.'s Deceptive Records.

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