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Smoker's Jacket

The nightlife is chaotic and seductive, but it’s untamed. It’s a myriad of lessons accompanied by heavy baselines, but what’s lagging is control. Raw and unfettered energy is the only way to describe AWDAZCATE, who’s earned his stripes by inciting crowds to let go and enjoy the moment. More than an MC who’s poised to move the crowd, AWDAZCATE is driven to have people live the experience. Now AWDAZCATE transplants his energy to the structured form of an album with the release Moscato on the Rocks drawing momentum from Pugs Atomz and Elevation, but this flash is a small blip in the force of this titan.

Next on AWDAZCATE’s plate is the collaborative project with Chicago hip-hop staple Pugs Atomz titled “Smoker’s Jacket.

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