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Mark Refoy (ex-Spiritualized/Spacemen 3) has crafted a lovely Brit Pop album filled with warbling guitars, eerie noises, and definite, reverent nods to sixties psych-pop. Fans of that shoegazing-yet-catchy sound will get lost in the dazzling guitar work, which varies from delicate acoustic jangles to hypnotic washes of sound.

Refoy seamlessly blends classic and modern influences, resulting in songs that are both vaguely familiar and enchantingly fresh. "One Step Ahead" combines the reverbed-out drums and soothing bass groove of soul with the fuzzy guitar and alluring vocals of sweet pop. The dizzying walls of guitar on "Sensurround" will delight fans of pre-Loveless My Bloody Valentine, Stone Roses, or Ride. Slipstream was released in 1995. Che records released their second full-length, Be Groovy or Leave, in 1997.

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