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Slipcritical is the L.A.-based duo of Will Thomas and Greg De La Peña. Each of these two producers influences the other, and both have extensive backgrounds in the world of electronic music production. Thomas spent the late '80s and early '90s with various techno and industrial groups in the Big Apple and is currently involved with soundtrack production. De La Peña brought an affinity for early hip hop to his position at The Village Recorder studios, and has assisted in the engineering of such high-profile artists as Snoop Doggy Dog, Michelle Shocked, and Danny Elfman. Thomas also DJs at underground parties and De La Peña has a downtempo side project called Hover.

The Slipcritical project sees these two artists exploring musically and creating finely-honed electronica comprised of darker textures, pulsing subsonic basslines, crashing breakbeat and jungle rhythms, and interesting sound sources that get technologically twisted in the studio. The duo has committed to a remix project for L.A. Girl Next Door, so expect more sonic rockin' to come!

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