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It's always helpful to know a band's influences, and Skanfrom goes as far as to list them on the sleeve of Hand Picked Fragments: Bochum Welt, Aphex Twin, Isan, Solvent, Vice Versa, and Kraftwerk. While that's certainly a start toward understanding Skanfrom, this one-man-band isn't simply a sum of the influences. Like fellow electro new-new wavers Fischerspooner, Skanfrom's sound is simultaneously retro and futuristic -- it feels both 20 years ahead of the times and 20 years behind them. Whichever you decide, his smooth and melodic electro flourishes with a healthy disregard for the current trends and latest sounds.

Over the last several years Skanfrom has released a number of limited edition vinyl-only singles and cassettes on his own A.D.S.R. label. Hand Picked Fragments represents Suction's favorite moments from Skanfrom's relatively unknown catalog, along with a handful of new and exclusive tracks recorded for specifically for this release.

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