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Simon Joyner

Listening to singer songwriter Simon Joyner is like curling up in a cozy blanket and listening to your favorite AM radio station while rain pounds against the windows. But these are more than stereotypical three-minute pop songs: Joyner takes his time to tell his stories, filling them with intimate details about compelling characters in desperate circumstances. The earnest, slightly twangy vocals recall a less ironic David Berman (The Silver Jews).

Joyner's use of classic folk structures is a fitting vehicle for his lyrical meditations on the tragic and triumphant aspects of modern life. Recurring themes of predestination, rain, and heroic quests weave throughout his descriptive narratives. He is accompanied by full string and horn arrangements, including accordion, vibes, pedal steel, cello, coronet, trumpet, and even flugelhorn. The instruments complement rather than overwhelm Joyner's voice, setting the mood and highlighting the stories. Fans of early Randy Newman, Nick Drake, Townes Van Zandt, Leonard Cohen, good storytelling, and honesty will love Simon Joyner.