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Silver Scooter

Melody and melancholy slowdance with one another in each and every one of Silver Scooter's sedate, glossy pop concoctions. Actually, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that they waltz together, as that would imply slightly perkier tempos and more overall movement, but you get the general drift. Silver Scooter is sad. Silver Scooter is catchy. Silver Scooter is all about shimmering guitars and occasional shiny keyboard lines and pretty male vocals that sound like they're being delivered by someone on the verge of tears. That someone would be Mr. Scott Garred, also known these days as Super XX Man, which is his solo alter ego. Garred is also responsible for the aforementioned shimmering guitars, while bassist John Hunt and drummer Tim Hudson provide a simple, steady rhythm section. From time to time, Silver Scooter attempts a fast, emotional emo anthem, but for the most part the trio contents itself with more restrained, hook-filled indie pop. The Austin, Texas outfit formed in the late '90s and has already released four full-length albums, The Other Palm Springs ('97), Orleans Parish ('99), Goodbye ('00), and The Blue Law ('01). In the middle of that string of releases, the group did a split EP with Nebraska indie rock ensemble Cursive, from which the confessional "Holding the Flare" is taken.