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Along with The Spoon Wizard, Silken is from Exeter, England. Though they've only recently adopted the name, Silken's Jon Dennis and Adrian Clarinda have been working together for a number of years. They have previously recorded as Tour de Force, launched their own trance label, Transcend, remixed for Manga USA, and even helped score the soundtrack for the computer game "Urban Kaos from Idos."

"Gizmo," the lead track from Silken's 2000 debut album, received widespread support from artists and DJs such as Hybrid, DJ Hyper, Tayo, and Danny McMillan. Check the great remixes from Bristol's General Midi (Hope Recordings), who adds some deep down dirty bass. The Spoon Wizard provides a minimal but building remix full of smooth atmospherics that play nicely off the bumpy, syncopated rhythms.

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