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Signal to Noise

Furious, rolling, dark, bass-heavy, rinsing, and hard-hitting are the words that spring to mind when you listen to music made by Signal To Noise. Unearthed by the prolific A&R team at Dune Recordings (Aaron Siegner and Oliver Sasse), Signal To Noise, aka DJ Jordan Dare and MC Fuse, are one of the best acts to have emerged from the burgeoning North American drum and bass scene since Dieselboy.

Signal To Noise debut on Dune Recordings with "Soul Encoded," a track that will remind many of "Compound" by the ubiquitous Ed Rush and Optical (as featured on their seminal album Wormhole). Tight two-step beats, zingy rattlesnake snares, subtle synth stabs, and the most infectious vocal loop that we've heard for a long time make this track stand out above the rest. With this release DJ Jordan Dare and MC Fuse are sure to catch the ears of label bosses across the globe: expect much more from this talented duo.

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