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For nearly a decade, Toronto trio Sianspheric have been exploring an ethereal brand of dreamy pop that borrows a bit from the shoegazing classics of the late '80s and early '90s. They debuted in 1995 with Somnium, and reappeared three years later with There's Always Someplace You'd Rather Be, for which they received considerable acclaim, forging a space for themselves somewhere between the slow-blooming pop atmospherics of Low and the cosmic ambience of Windy and Carl with their lethargic but lovely blend of spacey instrumental noodling and dirge-like reverbed melodics.

It was around this time that they met shoegaze icons Swervedriver, opening a few dates for them on an aborted Canadian tour, and remaining in contact with frontman Adam Franklin afterward and planning a split seven-inch. Before that could come about, Sianspheric endured some line-up switcheroos, released an odds and ends album (Else), and then came back with The Sound of the Colour of the Sun, which saw them continuing their oscillation between ethereal ambiance and fuzzy noise-pop, continuing to earn plaudits from indie tastemakers.

In 2003, the planned split with Franklin and his new band Toshack Highway finally came around, but turned out to be a 2CD split LP, with each group contributing five songs. Sianspheric's contributions nicely complement Toshack's shimmering pop, offering a kind of hazy night side to the release. Even at their noisiest and fuzziest, Sianspheric plays a kind of cocoon music which suggests the insulated feeling of being pleasantly adrift in a Vicodin haze, looking bemusedly out at the cold, harsh world while feeling no pain.

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