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Operating under the solo moniker Si-{cut}.db, the U.K.'s Douglas Benford offers a sparse, echo-laden, liquid-sounding take on devolved electronic soundscapes, low-frequency melodies and abstract beat structures. His minimal techno explorations and dub-infused releases include Nuisance on the Suburbs of Hell label, the Bovine Revolver EP (a collaboration with Scanner) and Rate of Living on Sprawl, Offices At Night on Fallt, and "Enthusiast" on BiP_HOp. Si-{cut}.db also contributes the tracks "A Shower" and "Surfeit" to Bip_HOp Generation Vol. 4, alongside fellow minimalistas Twine, VS_Price, and Mira Calix. Benford has also recorded solo as Media Form and Radial Blend and in collaborations as Lovecut>>db (with Sarah Cracknell of Saint Etienne), Tennis, Phoenix Jig, Bouncy Castle, Mr. Wrong, and Strobe Flower.

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