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Oh Canada! Shotmaker is one of the few truly excellent bands to emerge from that northerly nation. The band experiments with complex rhythms and instrumental performances, but their arrangements are natural and original, flowing into a number of noticeably disparate moods throughout the course of each song. The bass playing is definitely some of the most powerful ever to be put on tape and the other instruments follow suit, intermingling and complementing one another at every turn.

The Ottawa-based band has released a pair of full-lengths on New Jersey's Troubleman: Mouse Ear (Forget Me Not) (1997) and All-Inclusive (2000). In 2000, Shotmaker also issued a two-CD retrospective discography containing every single one of the seminal band's recorded songs as well as a handful of unreleased tracks. "Now and Then," "Failure," and "Driver" can all be found there.

Shotmaker helped found the new emo/indie rock generation that has so flourished recently. Check them out and pay your respects, as they have definitely paved the way for a number of great bands.