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Ever since the first beat was dropped, Danielle "DC" Cunningham, mastermind of the daring solo project known as Shortwave, has gone full force on the electronic music front. Born of the desire to make some funky-ass music, Shortwave has been busy ever since -- tweaking knobs, distorting basslines, and pushing levels as high as the sun to create aural hallucinations and kicking grooves. The first Shortwave record, "Stinking," was made/distributed regionally in hopes of finding some like-minded people to work with, but that didn't happen. Instead, she decided to go it alone, writing, recording, mixing, and producing all her own material -- turning out Talking Box, which contained the radio hit "BUKS," followed by Madder Replicator, Regenerated, Formless, Shanked, and Are You Receiving?. When she's not busy recording for Shortwave and Even I Have Seizures, DC does vocal tracks for the likes of Uncle Buzz and Pink Filth.

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