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Shines 'n' F-roc

Shines 'n' F-Roc is an impressive Van-City hip hop crew, comprised of four unique MCs: Casstro, Reckless, Mystify, and Black Rain. This crew derives its lyrics from personal life experiences and delivers them with an underlying belief that all artists, have something valuable to offer musically. Perhaps Xavier "Reckless" Gabriel says it best: "Our goal is to relate to the listeners on a universal level through the exploitation of our creativity." Shines 'n' F-roc's debut album is called Deliver Us From Evil. It features production by Junya from Social Deviantz.

"Vanity" appears on both the MAD LOVE compilation (a joint production between Sugarshack and Integrity Records) and the Go West CD compilation (featuring prominent artists like Wide Mouth Mason and Colin James).

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