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Sometime in September of 1998, recording engineer and music producer Mike Shellito flipped his lid. Dropping everything, he packed his studio into a U-Haul trailer and drove from his home turf in Philadelphia to a cabin in Blythewood, South Carolina. There, in total isolation, he embarked on an intense four-week creative exploration. This marked the beginning of the majestic Ingredients.

Well, it wasn't total isolation. First of all, he brought his dog, Bones. Eventually Shellito and Bones were joined by Jeff Tanner of the Photon Band. Ingredients became a two-year project for Shellito and Tanner, during which they wrote songs together and perfected their sound.

The result could not possibly be any more honest or wholesome. Ingredients is a polished gem, full of lush, highly addictive vocal melodies, surging synthesizer passages, light acoustic guitar strumming, and quality songwriting that would hold even the fickle interest of the most ADD-afflicted Guided By Voices fan. Each song stands as a testament to Shellito's greatness, grabbing firmer hold of the listener's heart with each listen.

Mike Shellito first began recording under his surname in August 1996 and released a solo Shellito record, On Sale in 1997. Since then, Shellito has evolved into a full scale seven person band, including Tanner and drummer Jason Mckibben of Reizoko.

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