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Sharks Keep Moving

Sharks Keep Moving just gets better the more you listen. Though the band features present and past members of hardcore bands State Route 522, Nineironspitfire, and Kill Sadie, Sharks Keep Moving leaves that genre behind entirely to explore an ambient aural landscape full of offbeat noises and harmonious guitars. Sharks' varied sounds and offbeat, complex key signatures sounds like what might happen if you mixed up Don Caballero and Karate, then imagined halos over the hybrids' heads. Does that work? Oh, screw the band references.

The track "Logger," from the Sign Language instrumental compilation It Goes without Saying, will have you wandering in and out of warm, well-lit rooms, encountering abstract domestic situations, never still but totally at peace. These guys hail from Woodinville, Washington. Their self-titled full-length CD is available. Contact

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