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Shark Quest

Shark Quest wants you to understand that instrumental music doesn't have to be boring. Straight from the center of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and featuring members of bands including Zen Frisbee, and Spatula, the members of Shark Quest create beautiful and engaging instrumental music that draws from a myriad of musical influences, including bluegrass, folk, and surf. These musicians employ everything from guitars, drums, and keyboards to rattlesnake tails, banjos, and maracas to create songs that are swampy and airy, soothing and energizing, down-home traditional and amazingly innovative.

Shark Quest's history extends back to the late 1980s, when Laird Dixon (the sole remaining member from this period) formed an initial version of the band under the name Mordecai. The addition of new members led to a new name -- Malachai -- and new releases, including a song on the Cognitive Mapping Volume Two compilation. Both the lineup and the name finally solidified in the fall of 1995. The current incarnation of Shark Quest, comprised of Dixon, Sarah Bell, Chris Eubank, Groves Willer, and Scott Goolsby, has released a seven-inch in 1997 ("Blotzo's Revenge") and two full-lengths (1998's Battle of the Loons and 2000's Man on Stilts), all on Merge Records. "Crazy Laura" and "Race Dragging" both come from Man on Stilts.