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Shake Ray Turbine

God bless Arkansas and all that it has begot. Johnny Cash is from there, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Rudy Ray Moore - Arkansas. So step back for the almighty state fair ride that is Shake Ray Turbine. This is Evil Kinevel in musical form - heart stopping leaps of grace, marrow releasing, violent crashes, and the heart of a carny to keep the kids happy.

Dustin, Clay, Ben, and Chris tweak their collective engine for maximum performance and leave all others in the dust with their first full length, "The Sauce of Solution." Little Rock, Arkansas has never been one to follow, spewing forth the likes of Chino Horde, Trusty, Generation of Vipers, and Thumbnail.

Shake Ray Turbine bring no shame to their legacy, putting together an album of 9 minute music marathons, full of twists and turns, off-time signatures, and guitar magnificence, as well as 2 minute sprints at a barreling 250 mph. This is punk's "Master of Puppets." "Surprise, Surprise, I've got one thing on my mind" and it's layin right between Kinevel's thighs - Shake Ray Turbine.

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