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Secret Colours

There is a parallel metaphor of evolution one could use to describe Secret Colours since releasing their sophomore effort Peach in May 2013. Two original members are all that remain of the sometime six-piece band from Chicago, Vocalist/Guitarist Tommy Evans and Drummer Justin Frederick. Within the transformations of relationships, the hardships of being independent, and the inspiration that comes from that independence, Secret Colours are eager to celebrate the much leaner four-piece collective, rounded out by newcomers Eric Hehr (Bass) and Mike Novak (Guitar) with the digital release of two EPs, Positive Distractions Part I (February 4, 2014) and Positive Distractions Part II (April 29, 2014). Recorded at Dandy Sounds Studio in Dripping Springs, TX by Producer Dan Duszunski, Secret Colours have taken a decidedly different direction with both parts of Positive Distractions-- they're relying much more on the live spirit that swells from the stage, but more so, the songs are unlike anything the band has put to tape over the course of releasing their debut Secret Colours (2010).   The physical and creative parallels come to fruition as Secret Colours will release Positive Distractions worldwide via Vinyl, CD and Cassette formats on Aril 29th, 2014.