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Athens, Georgia's Macha has long been applauded for its compositions, which mix world music and independent post-rock, pouring across boundaries and blissfully transcending peer groups and categories. Bandleader Josh McKay started this new project while Macha was on hiatus and the first result is Seaworthy's The Ride. McKay has taken his entrancing methods and focused them in new and abstract ways -- making music that is atmospheric yet unignorable.

The world influence is cast aside for most of this album, though it's not completely abandoned. The soft layers are so thick on many of these tracks that they seem to drag you underwater. In particular, the album's finale, "The Ride, Parts 1 and 2," ends with waves crashing underneath McKay's voice, which seems fueled by some sort of never-ending oxygen tent.

Seaworthy covers one with a blanket of inexplicable calm and sorrow, melting you as you enter their new realm. Yet tracks like "Open the Gates" and "The Day" not only entrance but also engage the senses, as biting drum loops interact with gangs of instruments and samples. The track offered here is entitled "The Day" and features great vocals by Japanese singer Haco, a member of the legendary experimental group After Dinner and also a member of Hoahio, which has released on material on John Zorn's Tzadik Records.

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