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Sean Na Na

Forget everything you know about Sean Tillman's previous efforts as a musician, because Sean Na Na is a complete contradiction to the days he spent as a member of the ear-bursting Amphetamine Reptile band Calvin Krime. In the last couple of years, Tillman has written a catalogue of material displaying subtle songwriting that plucks away at the heartstrings. Like a long distance romance, it whispers to you and is always on your mind. Recording music for labels like Kill Rock Stars, Polyvinyl Records, and Troubleman Unlimited, Sean Na Na is a constantly touring pop artisan whose singer-songwriter style can actually make ya happy instead of depressing the hell out of you.

The three-song ...And His Baby Blue single (1998) on Polyvinyl was Sean Na Na's first effort after the dissolution of Calvin Crime. The whole thing is available here for your streaming pleasure. Tillman recorded "Two of the Same Name," the first song on that single, as a wedding present for his older sister Megan. The other two songs -- "Washington" and "Girls!Girls!Girls!" -- sparkle with Lois Maffeo's lovely vocals.

"Slow to the Core" comes from Sean Na Na's first proper full-length, 2000's Dance 'Til Your Baby Is a Man, on Troubleman. "Give Me a B-Side" and "Tumor Party" both appear on his Return of the Unicorn CDEP which followed later the same year.