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Scout Niblett

Cat Power comparisons are going to be inevitable with Scout Niblett, so let's get them over with now. Scout Niblett (born Emma Louise) most definitely shares Ms. Chan Marshall's penchant for minimal compositions comprised of stark guitar lines and harrowing vocals (her work particularly recalls early Cat Power albums Dear Sir and Myra Lee). But Niblett seems a bit more in control of both her demons and her craft, and writes sad but warm songs that speak with their own distinct tenor.

The Nottingham, England native (though you wouldn't necessarily know it from her recorded work) has previously sung on albums by Secretly Canadian Recordslabel mates Songs: Ohia and Jagjaguwar singer-songwriter Parker Paul. She recorded her first record, Sweet Heart Fever, in Glasgow, with some assistance from drummer Kristian Goddard. Despite the conflicted calm of the album, Niblett is reportedly known to launch into lengthy, discordant noise tangents during her live sets.