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Schonheitsfehler with the Subterraneanz, Die Symbiose, and the Waxolutionists

As hip hop (like jazz, rock and roll, and R&B before it) transcends political and cultural borders, it will begin to represent itself in styles other than those associated with the Northeastern United States, and in languages other than English (or standard American ghetto slang). That is to say, it has already begun doing these things.

Schonheitsfehler (German for 'blemish') was the first crew in Austria to put down wax (in 1993), representing Vienna in the global rap arena and introducing the talents of DJ Operator Boastab (try "Burstup") and MCs Milo and Peman Paul to the world. Three albums later, they remain at the forefront of a thriving Austrian/German hip hop scene. Never mind Falco (R.I.P.), this is the scene that produced Kruder & Dorfmeister, the high-ranking jazz-funk officers, and Afrodelics, two Austrian MCs of Nigerian descent, the true European heirs to rap's English-speaking African heritage (they're even signed to a major).

Boom Bap is Operator Boastab's brainchild, a twice-yearly hip-hop event he has organized in Vienna since 1996. In 1999, he took Boom Bap on a tour of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, along with the Subterraneanz, Die Symbiose and fellow Wiener Meister Petz of the Waxolutionists, among others. Teil 3 vom Ei, a sort of Boom Bap compilation album, was produced out of a number of recording sessions that took place as a result of the tour.

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