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Satisfact began as a side project of Dave Schneider (of Lync and Love as Laughter) and Matt Steinke (Mocket, Octant), and unfortunately they've decided that the project has run its course. The music they produced as Satisfact was brilliantly preoccupied with the pervasiveness and alienating character of technology and modernity, recalling in some ways Tubeway Army-era Gary Numan. But whenever the hypnotic keyboards and robotic blips and squeaks seem on the verge of carrying the music away, scratchy punk guitars dripping with feedback reassert themselves, joined by a fierce, precise rhythm section and sometimes even cello and violin.

So the sound ends up being something like Sonic Youth meets Thomas Dolby. Or maybe what the Psychedelic Furs would have sounded like if they were just getting started today. No matter. The point is that Satisfact was remarkably adroit at mining some of the musical styles of the past two decades to craft music completely attuned to both the present and the future; a music familiar with the sound of an angry cry echoing off the unfeeling sides of the machines and the skyscrapers. "I'm in a Bad Way" comes from their last record, The Third Meeting at the Third Counter.