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Sarah McLachlan

Canadian-born chanteuse Sarah McLachlan's atmospheric folk-pop has brought her International success over the last decade, as have her efforts in recent years with the wildly popular all-women's Lilith Fair music festival. Among her numerous fans are top electronic acts Roni Size, Rabbit in the Moon, and Lunasol, who have remixed tracks from McLachlan's two most popular releases, Fumbling towards Ecstasy and Surfacing for Nettwerk Records' remix series Plastic Compilation.

Widely respected U.K. drum and bass producer Roni Size works his warped magic on "Sweet Surrender," from Surfacing. With his numerous production credits and his critically acclaimed '97 album New Forms, Size has been one of the biggest pioneers of the hectic, cerebral jungle/drum and bass sound that has emerged from the U.K. over the last decade. Here he shows why. Since this remix, he has moved on to a new project, Breakbeat Era, with DJ Die and vocalist Leonie Laws .

Rabbit in the Moon, who remixes McLachlan's "Possession," from Fumbling towards Ecstasy, is a longtime electronic artist associated with the independent Florida label Hallucination Recordings. In addition to McLachlan, RITM has remixed such fine artists as Garbage, Goldie, Orbital, the Stone Roses, and White Zombie. Lunasol, who remixes "Fear" (also from Fumbling towards Ecstasy) is Rabbit in the Moon's ambient alter ego.

The remix (taken from Plastic 3) sees Mr. Brian Transeau (aka BT) at the helm for a fast-paced excursion into the land of trance. His remix of "I Love You" places McLachlan's unmistakable vocals over a heady melange of wonderfully winding keys, solid pumping beats, and subtle corrugated chords. Another classic BT production!

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