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Sarah Dougher

Sarah Dougher (pronounced "Dooger") is a very busy woman. Besides teaching at Portland, Oregon's Reed College, writing for the Willamette Week and the San Francisco Bay Guardian, authoring books, and running a nonprofit education outreach program, she plays organ and sings in both The Crabs and Cadallaca. So, in her spare time, she records solo records.

Her first was the wry, overtly political Day One, which came out in '99 on K Records. She came back in 2000 with The Walls Ablaze on Durham-based Mr. Lady Records. Dougher's solo work has the same simple grace and infectious melodies as previous band, the now-defunct Lookers. Dougher boasts good lyrics and an engaging voice: a winning combination for any singer-songwriter. Each of her songs is like a well-crafted short story, populated with broken-hearted lovers, secret porno collectors, and feminist politicians. Her voice is as clear and honest as truth, infusing her generally sweet melodies with character and flinty strength.

You can find "Hold the Bar" on Dougher's first LP, Day One. She first released "Mirror/Shield" on a Jealous Butcher '99 split seven-inch with Matthew Hattie Hein, and later included it on The Walls Ablaze.