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Rye Coalition

Rye Coalition have remained a longtime favorite of fans of high energy live shows thanks to the manic performances of singer Ralph Cuseglio. The band is also extremely successful in translating this sound onto a recorded format. From their early full-lengths Hee Saw Dhuh Kaet and The Lipstick Game to more recent releases like On Top and the Jersey Girls EP, the Rye Coalition have given you one sweet taste after another of fine young men playing real rock and roll music. It is as simple as that. Jon Gonnelli has carefully constructed some of the hardest-hitting guitar riffs in recent memory. Drummer Dave Leto is the offspring of John Bonham after a whiskey binge. Bassist Justin Morey holds it all together in a cool John Entwistle-style demeanor, always certain to be speaking with a young lady after the show.

With On Top, original Rye guitarist Herb J. Wiley returned to the group and doubled the degree of six-string prowess, lacing the undeniable influence of AC/DC into the band's music. Their sound on this new album was captured by the ubiquitous Steve Albini (a logical choice), who documents a younger and perhaps more intelligent version of a group he once worked with extensively, The Jesus Lizard. In 2003, the band returned with the seven-song super EP Jersey Girls, a blast of unapologetically raunchy hometown proud that demands a "hell yeah" for every meaty guitar lick and every Bon Scott-style screech. No other band achieves Rye Coalition's invigorating combination of dirt, sex, and sweat, and it's something every red-blooded American should love. Jersey Girls is a must-have for the Rye completist, featuring four previously unreleased tracks (two of 'em live), the two songs from the band's 2001 "ZZ Topless" seven-inch, one from On Top, and a smokin' album cover featuring a chick and a Trans Am.