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Just because you haven't heard of it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Such is the case of emo from England. Rydell, whose members hail from the Southeastern portion of that rainy island nation, has taken it upon itself to show the world that England has more to offer the world musically than Britpop and Girl Power -- namely melodic, emotional indie rock, which, if you didn't know any better, you might guess originated from the American Midwest. Yes, the English quintet's tunefully chaotic sound most definitely recalls Plains powerhouses like Braid, Cap'n Jazz, and The Get Up Kids, all of which the band readily cites as enormous influences on its work. Singer Miles Booker has an appropriately earnest, hoarse, slightly out-of-tune voice, a bit like a less-shrill, more on-the-beat Tim Kinsella. Guitarists David Gamage and Mark Wilkinson provide intricate, shiny, incisive guitar lines, while bassist Adam French and drummer Duncan Morris add a thunderous rhythm section. Solid and anthemic. The group, which has a number of releases on European labels, issued its American debut, the 13-song Per Ardua Ad Astra, on Cargo/Headhunter in 2001. The album features "Bring the Lights Down" and "Erratic Erotic."

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