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Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon doesn't go in for grandiose statements or shameless self-promotion. They prefer to keep things simple, subtle, understated; heck, they're named after some kind of hibiscus shrub! If that doesn't show an appreciation for the smaller things, I don't know what does. Unfortunately, thanks to this approach, the group has failed to garner any significant attention during their half-decade of existence. That might change now that they have an album for people to listen to. Even the Air Is Out of Tune, their 2001 debut full-length, showcases the group's minimal, yet full sound. Interlocking guitars twine Polvo-like throughout their songs, occasionally verging on jazzy noodling, accompanied by steady, light percussion. Much of Rose of Sharon's stuff is instrumental, but gruff, emotional vocals enter periodically, altering the tenor of the music.

"Almost Toulouse" and "The Shape of Things to Come" form the bookends of Rose of Sharon's debut album. The band has also appeared on a split seven-inch with their touring buddies, Kind of Like Spitting.

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