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Rook Vallade

Rook Vallade is one of several pseudonyms held by San Francisco's electronic music outcast Chris Douglas, who also records as OST and in The Church Steps. You may have seen a slight spelling variation on "Rook Vallade" as "Rook Vallard," which is the spelling found on the releases for the labels Worm Interface and Pthalo. Regardless of the name discrepancies, both refer to the same Scottish expatriate who is now wreaking electronic havoc out in California. Douglas's output purposefully sits outside the boundaries of IDM, techno, and ambient. Starting in 1993 with a circuit-bending aesthetic similar to early Aphex Twin, Douglas began treading new ground with rhythmic complexities and a disjointed unpredictability that has warranted over 10 records and numerous singles.

"F.I." -- from an eponymous Rook Vallade lathe-cut 10-inch released by Dial Records -- could be the Gamelan temple music for the digital age or the synthetic equal to Z'Ev kinetic sound sculptures. Richly timbred electronic clatters weave complex rhythmic patterns amid slow motion breakbeats and tumbling strings of kaleidoscopic digital shards.

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