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Ronnie Richards

Most people will recognize Ronnie Richards for his '97 deep house anthem "Missing You," produced by Basement Jaxx and released on their Atlantic Jaxx imprint. Basement Jaxx (Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe) came to fame with their eponymous illegal club night (in a less than savory Brixton-based Mexican restaurant). Formed in '94, their Atlantic Jaxx label released classic Latin-house and punk-garage including their own "Samba Magic," "Undaground," and the chart-topping club hit "Fly Life." These feature on the Atlantic Jaxx Recordings compilation next to Corrina Joseph's "Lonely" and The Heartists' "Belo Horizonti." Following the release of the comp, XL Recordings signed the Jaxx and released '99's Remedy and '01's Rooty to mass critical acclaim. As for Ronnie Richards, we are absolutely clueless as to what he's up to. If anyone out there knows, we'd be really interested to find out.

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