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Rocket from the Crypt

San Diego cult faves Rocket from the Crypt have been wowing adoring crowds for years, garnering a reputation as one of the best live rock bands in existence. Well, guess what? Their recorded material is pretty freakin' good too.

For the uninitiated, Rocket from the Crypt is comprised of a bunch of slightly crazed greaser punks. You could call their sound punk for the rockabilly set: three-chord moshable anthems delivered with a '60s garage edge, plus soulful vocals, boogie-woogie piano, and even some saxophone and trumpet. The obnoxious party atmosphere is thick on every single song the band has recorded; Rocket from the Crypt just makes you want to ditch work or school, grab a couple six-packs of tallboys, round up your friends, and head for the beach or the park.

The band has been around since 1990, when frontman John "Speedo" Reis (also of Drive Like Jehu quit his old punk band Pitchfork and teamed with bassist Petey X, guitarist ND, and drummer Sean to record the album, Paint as a Fragrance. Numerous releases and lineup changes would ensue for the group, as well as some MTV exposure and major label success.

"Who Let the Snakes In?" comes from a limited edition vinyl only release, Cut Carefully & Play Loud, issued on San Diego's Flapping Jet Records. "Tarzan" and "Live the Funk" come from All Systems Go and All Systems Go II (the former came out on Cargo/Headhunter in 1993 and was re-released by Sympathy For The Record Industry in '98; the latter came out on SFTRI in '99).

So listen up and pay attention to this stuff, kiddies, 'cuz this is the theme music from the Learn How To Rock handbook.