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Roc Raida

If you've ever seen the X-Ecutioners perform live, you know that DJ Roc Raida calls himself the "ninja of rap." A rather apt description, except that he's not a silent turntable killer by any stretch of the imagination. His warp speed hand skills on the crossfader are the stuff of legend; Raida goes straight for the jugular with razor-sharp vinyl disks. Even with legions of DJs now touting themselves as "turntablists," Raida is still among the best on the ones and twos.

He's also the only original member of the former X-Men to remain since they changed their name to the X-Ecutioners after DC Comics made a big stink. As a member of the X-Men, Roc Raida and his West Coast counterparts, the Invisible Skratch Piklz, revolutionized the realm of turntablism. There's a reason he was the one nominated by his crew to square off against the infamous Q-Bert whenever the X-Men battled the Skratch Piklz at competitions and shows. Check "Who You F**kin Wit?" for proof if you're not convinced.

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