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Roads to Space Travel

Tim Baier and Roman Kuebler of Roads To Space Travel met on Philadelphia's Main Line almost a decade ago, but didn't officially start writing songs together until they returned home to Baltimore, Maryland in 1995 to take charge of that city's burgeoning music scene. After their original drummer Andy Laughland left and bassist Greg Preston went solo just before the first record, RTST had the good fortune of kidnapping drummer Adam Cooke to round out the cast. Preston, while missed, was never replaced, making RTST a power trio.

Roads to Space Travel's self-titled debut on Amish Records attracted the attention of DeSoto Records, which released RSTS's "Before, Before Now" single and enlisted them to open for Burning Airlines. On their second Amish release, Ballad/Jazz/Waltz, RTST continue to kick out the melodic jams. The horns, piano, and analog keyboard give the songs a New Wave appeal while the complex math-rocky arrangements and creative time changes provide a distinctly modern flair. Whether they are old school or new school, RTST are guaranteed to get your booty -- or even just your little finger -- shakin'.

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