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Central California's fertile San Joaquin Valley is truly the heart of the state. In addition to providing a majority of the United States' produce, the valley has also nurtured scores of talented and dedicated musicians. Pavement is from the valley. So is Let's Go Bowling. So are many other amazing bands that you haven't heard of...yet. Future Farmer's 1998 compilation Inbred: Sounds of the San Joaquin Valley collects some of the best music from the valley and delivers it straight to your ears, wherever you may be.

Rizzo is a two-piece band, featuring Jen Abercrombie on guitar and Sarah DeAngelis on drums. They've been playing together for about five years and have released singles on Harriet and Cher Doll. They play lilting, sensitive, three-chord pop tunes about love gone wrong with a very Pacific Northwest/K Records flavor.

Check out Evelyn, another artist on the Inbred compilation.

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