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Rick Gehrenbeck

New York-born Rick "Mr. Egg Germ" Gehrenbeck began playing piano at age seven, taking to the professional stage in his mid-teens. After relocating to Chicago in '93, Gehrenbeck aligned himself with funk bands such as Jabon, King Bee, and Erin Jazz. Soon after, he began performing and recording in the studio with the likes of Gladys Knight, Charlie Wilson (of Gap Band fame), and Bootsy Collins. More recently, Gehrenbeck has taken up with Ted Sirota's Rebel Souls, Robert Cornelius 7, and Poi Dog Pondering (and their side project 8FatFat8). As Mr. Egg Germ, Gehrenbeck has released sophisticated, vintage organ-grinding house music on London's ILI Records, San Francisco's Loveslap!, and Chicago's Bass X.

Charles Spencer's rough and ready "Zebra Basement Mix" (presumably recorded in the basement of said S.F. record emporium) of Gehrenbeck's "Intuit" is provided by kind permission of Loveslap! Recordings.

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