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Richard Davies

Richard Davies first made a name for himself fronting the agreeably offbeat Sydney-based rock group The Moles, who essentially took the art-pop of their countrymen The Chills and punked things up a bit. After The Moles split in the early '90s, Davies moved briefly to the baroque fantasy sound of The Cardinal, which lasted for only one album (not surprisingly the record has achieved cult status since), before Davies elected to go solo. Since then, Mr. Davies has released three albums' worth of manically peculiar pop songs: There's Never Been a Crowd Like This, Barbarians, and Telegraph. His lovely but very peculiar arrangements and off-kilter lyrical ruminations have earned him comparisons to a wide array of artists, from Robyn Hitchcock to The Flaming Lips. One thing's for sure: Davies is a pop eccentric of the highest caliber. Davies opens Kimchee's In My Living Room compilation with a surprisingly plain and downcast tune titled "Cars for Kings Cross."

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