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Red Stars Theory

Two of the most identifiable musicians of the American Northwest indie scene are James Bertram and Jeremiah Green. Bertram was first known as a member of the rough-edged group Lync. He then founded his ever-popular 764-Hero. Meanwhile Green has remained a steadfast bearer of the indie torch with Modest Mouse. Together the two anchor Red Stars Theory, a group that has seen a number of other accomplished indie rockers sit in for their sad and fragile sessions. Red Stars Theory is melancholy in their rise and fall of tempo and texture. The duo has released a steady flow of recordings. The first was But Sleep Came Slowly, released in 1997 by RX Remedy. Touch and Go Records released the second Red Stars album in 1999, entitled Life in a Bubble Can Be Beautiful and then an EP in 2000. The self-titled CD featured here is a combination of a 10-inch and a seven-inch release that are both were both vinyl-only and out-of-print.