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Red Shirt Brigade

Red Shirt Brigade's pop is so lighthearted, you'd never guess they were from Detroit. Somehow they transcend the gruff Motor City ethic with playful tunes that strike a more Euro flair. While the quartet dabbles with a number of influences, Red Shirt Brigade seems anchored to a melodic indie-meets-Brit-pop. approach. Their 2001 debut album Home Of The Cannon Saints was recorded in Seattle by Chris Walla of Death Cab For Cutie. Death Cab and Red Shirt Brigade seem to share an interest in creating gentle and thoughtful pop, always making sure to twist the ideas and arrangements to make their songs clever and interesting. Red Shirt Brigade's outstanding vocal melodies and unique rhythm changes place them above bands of a similar ilk. Sure, there is a vast number of bands playing indie pop, but this one's terrific pop sensibilities and clever songwriting stand out from the pack, making them a refreshing and fun listen.

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