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Red Planet

Like they say, it's only rock and roll, but in this case it's rock and roll with a bit of a twist. What would happen if the Small Faces and the Cars got into a head-on collision, and David Lee Roth got squashed between them? Well, then you'd have Red Planet. Well, actually you'd have a big bloody mess and a lot of litigation, but bear with me on this metaphor. Red Planet is a bit of a strange mix, but very infectious -- punky power pop with a bit of New Wave whimsy. The energy and enthusiasm with which this band puts a new wrinkle into established rock and roll song structures and styles is their strongest and most appealing suit. Their full-throttle British Invasion-inspired guitar hooks and vocal harmonies, plus occasional cheesy Casio synth lines and a strong hint of white trash punk rock energy, makes for a fun and sometimes funny listening experience.

"You Can't See Me" and "Star Force" are both from Red Planet's 1999 record, You Can't See Me.

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