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Rebel Crew

Psychedelic B-Boy & Tha Lion 808 (aka Rebel Crew Sound System) are the old school Space City breakers and beatboxers from the mid-'80s who formed an original Crew straight out of high school. They've maintained a tight musical family ever since, and now the teapot is beginning to boil. Hip hop has spawned another serious group that should not be overlooked.

This debut album nods its head in all directions -- hip hop roots, rave dance floor energy, latin flava, old school electricity, homeboy comraderie -- and it does so without missing a beat or losing focus. With the help of TC Islam and other guest MCs and musicians, the album offers an introduction to a team of musicians without limits.

Somewhere between South Texas and South London, through the streets of Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, the Rebel Crew has found their niche in select underground scenes. Main Crew members Joe B. (Psychedelic B-Boy) and Rick Partida (Lion 808) have performed together for more than 10 years, and have discovered an original down south b-boy sound squash through experimenting with acoustic and electric instruments .

During the last six years, the Rebel Crew have been performing large arena events through the South and Midwest with twists on electro, funky breaks, and drum and bass. They like to bring together Houston's premier urban MCs and poets, leaving crowds speechless with a high-energy show that backs up any and all hype attached to the Rebel Crew's reputation for being "off the hook."

The live show consists of turntables, sequencers, samplers, beatboxers, MCs and fifteen years of B-Boy funk. Do the math!

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