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Like Matthew Herbert, Jean-Philippe Verdin takes the best elements of house and techno and skillfully molds them into a new futuristic form. His tracks are subtle yet soulful, minimal yet musical. A graphic designer by trade, Verdin discovered house music in the early '90s, like most of us, at a rave. He spent most of the early and mid '90s honing his production skills, eventually dropping his first EP for F Communications (Opack) in '97. His '98 release, Dynamo (nominated single of the month in NME), established him as the man to watch in the burgeoning field of minimal headphone house.

To date, Verdin has collaborated with a number of high profile producers, including Scotland's Aqua Bassino and France's Etienne Daho and Zazie. He has even remixed French lounge lizard Serge Gainsbourg. His "Readymade Bold" mix of "Aeroplanes" was picked for the Gainsbourg Remix Project compilation, alongside reworks from Chateaux Flight, Bob Sinclair, Faze Action, Herbert, and Orb. Not bad for a newcomer eh? "Bold" and "Funiculaire" are both taken from Verdin's May 2001 debut long-player for F Communications, Bold. The album -- which encompasses elements of dark downtempo, quirky house, and minimal techno -- also features David Sylvian on vocals and Juice Aleem on the mic. The "Very End Mix" of "Live At The End" is taken from Verdin's '02 EP of the same name.

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