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Raz Ohara

Not so long ago Raz Ohara was an ordinary guy known as Patrick Rasemussen who lived in Denmark. But now he lives in Berlin, is the newest (and youngest) kid on the Kitty-Yo block, and is an international musical success story waiting to happen. Ohara's debut LP Realtime Voyeur (which includes the featured "Gone to the Moon") is a funky parade of confidently groovy numbers that soar through the air, propelled forward by hip hop beats, electronic ambience, and impeccable production (for which Ohara himself is responsible). What really makes these songs fly though is this kid's outrageous voice: high, breathy, almost strangled by its own sensuality -- sorta like Prince. He?s kind of like a European Beck, but with a lot more sex and a lot less irony. These songs put it all together -- classic pop hooks, R&B balladry, downtempo sensuality, reggae spiciness, hip hop flow, dance music energy, indie cleverness -- and each one is carbonated by Ohara's thin "time for love" voice. This is music for that special time when you turn the lights down low.

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