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Ras Command

Hannover, Germany is not synonymous with reefers, roots, and rastas, but Alex Buchal plans to change all that. In his Ras Command and Cee Mix guises he is producing some of the best abstract, electronic dub ever to come out of Western Europe. He is aided in his quest by legendary dubheadz DJ Blowpipe and Dirk Schumacher, who assist him in producing a blissful, easy-skanking dub experience.

"Slippin'" is an abstract excursion that visits the world of hip hop as much as the land of dub. Eerie chords breeze through a skeleton of edgy downtempo breaks and clangy effects. Also check "Love Dub (Drum Mix)," which appears on the first volume of the best-selling Waveform dub compilation, Earthjuice, and is by far one of the comp's best tracks. Ras Command is at the forefront of the new school of dub, and with the help of California's Waveform label, he plans to take it into new abstract territories.

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