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Originally the inspiration behind the New Vision label, Rareform is the longstanding production alias for a few select members of the acclaimed New Vision Collective, well-known for their efforts in the drum and bass and breakbeat scenes.

The band kicked off in '97 with head honcho's Gary Robinson and David May producing tracks for the New Vision label. The most famous, "Spinechilla," was hammered on dub by the likes of Goldie and DJ Randall, and has since been used on a number of TV programs in the U.K. and abroad (including the infamous Eastenders night club scene!). Rareform has since grown into the boys' main product for their label and has expanded into a live act incorporating the talents of other members of the New Vision Collective.

Rareform have had a healthy schedule over the past few years with a number of releases and remixes for some high profile names including Christina Aguilera, Eminem, The Suga Babes, and QB's Finest featuring Naz. This is in addition to collaborations with some of drum and bass's highly rated producers such as Total Science, Spirit, The Advocate, and Simon "Bassline" Smith.

The boys regularly take their sound on the road with their live shows and DJ sets. The live set consists of live keyboards over sequencer, MC, a pair of scratch DJs, and whatever else they happen to be into at the time. Robinson and May headline the DJ sets, rolling out the drum and bass pressure back to back with May also taking his position on the mic (what with him being one of the U.K.'s top MCs under his Manic D alias).

You can catch Rareform and other members of the New Vision Collective on Total Dance Radio every Saturday from 4-6 PM (GMT) by heading to While you're at it, check out the Rareform site by clicking the hotlink at the top of this page.

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